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Suzhou Hunter's Business Consulting Co., Ltd.HTS is founded by a team of professionals with in-depth and diverse business, research, consulting, investment and technology expertise. Our background spans consulting firms, financial services firms, Fortune 100 companies and investment firms. We founded HTS with a core purpose of helping companies gain key insights into their investments in and related to China. And we do that with a right blend of business expertise and local knowledge.
Complemented by our technology and research platform, we are able to offer our customers a complete and comprehensive alternative research solution that includes expert network, custom research, and structured products. We try to maintain a very strict number of customers, in order to fulfill our role as trusted advisor for their China investments. It is our belief that in order to provide the highest level of services, it is mutually beneficial to combine capability, intelligence, with the strict sense of compliance.

All in all, our mission is to work in partnership with top management to identify and pursue opportunities, solve problems, confront issues of strategic, importance and implement the changes required for clients' growth and superior performance.

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